• Image of Pallow - Blueprints for an Empty Vessel CS C52 [GWR07]
  • Image of Pallow - Blueprints for an Empty Vessel CS C52 [GWR07]

Demonstrating an astounding evolution from the group’s previous work across two EPs (2014’s I’ll Build A Well and 2015’s Confined), Blueprints for an Empty Vessel both distills and refines the heavy slowcore sound Pallow has been crafting for nearly half a decade, culminating in a body of work that is certain to resound with both prior fans of the band and those new to their discography.
Lyrically and sonically, the eight tracks that compose Blueprints do not shy away from intensity in either content nor form. According to lyricists and founding members Connor McFall and Jason Combs: “Each track is a recollection of a significant memory or time of serious hardship and the emotions that came along with them over the past few years. Separately, these are just abstract songs about failing relationships, grief, mental illness, suicide, struggles with faith, and disconnection from reality. Together, they serve as these defining pieces that have helped us start over and find ways to live through struggle

1st pressing: 100 copies
Aqua colored cassette with imprinting
Pro dubbed cassettes
pro dubbed j card.
includes digital download.


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